There's Something I Have to Tell You is now available - as a paperback and e-book

We’ve released a new book of interviews with women who are sharing their experience of their relationship breaking down due to their male partner being same sex attracted. “There’s Something I Have to Tell You”” follows the success of our previous publication “His Secret, Her Story’’ and is a collection of 20 women’s personal stories, in which each woman describes how she discovered her partner’s same sex attraction, her reaction and those of her family and friends, and how she navigated her way to her reactions and decisions to a new reality.

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Did I ever really know him? Women's experience of the coming out story can be a whole other story...

Click here to read The Guardian's story about experiences women can have.To order our new book, "There's Something I have to Tell You", please follow this two step process:

  1. Send us an email ( with your name and address and
    2. Deposit $15 for postage and handling by Electronic Funds Transfer to Leichhardt Women’s bank account

BSB: 062193 Account number 00800600. Please mark the entry ‘women's book – (your name)’.

If you'd like to add to the postage by making a donation, your donation will help women on low incomes receive the book, particularly women in rural areas. Donations $2 and above are tax deductible. Thank you for considering a donation!

And if you are wanting to talk with us, please just call or email.    

Find out more about our support groups...

Get in touch with us if you'd like to know more about our support groups for women partners of same sex attracted men. Women who are dealing with their male partner's same sex attraction talk about feeling very alone in their experience, but our support groups receive very positive feedback about reducing that sense of isolation. Contact Us

New groups available to manage stress, improve communication skills and learn about healthy relationships....

Check out Leichhardt Women's Community Health Centre's group program for July to December 2019. Have a look to see if there's anything that appeals to you and can help build up your knowledge and skills.  The courses are designed to complement the issues women going to the centre experience, and all are low cost (with further negotiation possible). And a reminder, all Leichhardt Women's health services are available to clients of the Women Partners of Bisexual Men Service. For details about the groups on offer, go to:

Calling men... Tell us your story for a new book...

Could you, or someone you know, contribute to our book of men's stories?  

This year we'll be publishing a book of men's stories. The book will be about men who have experienced coming out as gay from a heterosexual/straight relationship, or men who are still in relationships with women and may be having sex with men or questioning their sexuality. If this describes your situation and you live in NSW or lived in NSW at the time (or you know of someone with this experience), we'd like to talk with you.

It’s a joint project with Women Partners of Bisexual Men Service and GAMMA and the men who are interviewed will be telling their story, in their own words. Your story will be confidential and anonymous.

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If you agree to be interviewed, please call us on 1800 787 887, 02 9560 3011 or email