For WomenNSW Women Partners of Bisexual Men

‘I walked in the room and can’t describe the relief at seeing seven intelligent, attractive women. I had thought there must be something wrong with me but by seeing them, and getting to know them, I found out there was nothing wrong with any of us.’ — Claire


Services include :

  • counselling (face to face, telephone, email or skype)
  • support groups and workshops
  • information and reading material
  • referrals to other counsellors and services


Our approach is:

  • non-judgemental
  • ethical strength-based and solution-focussed
  • wholistic – we recognise the whole woman and the multiple needs which contribute to wellbeing and what it takes to have a happy and healthy life


We provide counselling appointments in Leichhardt and for women living in regional and rural areas, telephone and email support, and counselling with Skype can be useful.

We’re also happy to just talk and send you some information.

‘I have completely unloaded onto the counsellor and she wasn’t shocked. I’ve been able to understand what’s happened to my husband and work out what it means for me and the children. It’s been a life saver, literally.’ — Maria

‘The counsellor really understands. No one else seems to ‘get it’ and I’ve felt very alone – until I came here’ — Justine

‘He’s my best friend and a wonderful father. He wants to stay for now as long as he can explore his feelings for men. I’m finding all that really hard. The counsellor’s been the only person I can really say it all aloud to…‘ — Ellen


Support Groups and Workshops run during the year.

The idea of attending a group can initially be confronting but the strength and support women provide to each other can be extremely helpful.

Our groups are coordinated by trained, experienced facilitators and are safe, supportive and non-judgemental.

Contact Us for more information or to book in.