May 13, 2024

List of other support services

We are a NSW Health funded service

List of other support services
Sexual health
  • RPA Sexual Health Service - Testing and treatment of STIs, HIV and other blood borne viruses (Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B).
  • NSW Sexual Health Clinics. It is important to mention when accessing Sexual Health Clinics that you have been in sexual contact with a person from priority populations - which is Men who Have Sex with men. Comprehensive list of Clinics can be found here
  • Pozhet - State-wide service for heterosexuals at risk or living with HIV
  • PozLife - peer support by, and for People Living with HIV. Women specific support is also available from Women Living with HIV. Additionally psychological support pre-HIV and post-HIV testing is available.
  • The Albion Centre - comprehensive women's Sexual Health testing
  • Western Sydney Sexual Health Clinic - specialise in providing comprehensive Sexual Health Screening for people from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds
  • DBS Testing - easy, free and confidential Dried Blood Spot test for HIV and Hepatitis C
  • STI/HIV Testing Tool - Sexually Transmitted Infections /HIV Testing Tool is a resource for GPs and other clinicians to support routine comprehensive testing for sexually transmissible infections (STIs) among ‘at risk’ patients
  • Sexual Health Infolink - Anonymous & non-judgmental information for the NSW general public. Specialist support for health professionals.
  • Health Direct - Able to filter search for services by Bulk Billing GPs, Family Planning, Sexual Health Clinics etc.
  • Family Planning NSW resources - Tactile resources, games and guides to use in workshops (including Condom Card Game, Contraceptive Kit and STI Kit)
  • Free monthly condom orders - Order 144 condoms to each accommodation site per month
  • Multicultural HIV and Hepatitis Service (MHAHS) -  cultural community based support for those living with HIV and Hepatitis
  • Youth Block - Support, counselling and health services for young people 12-24 yrs. Including sexual health information and screening
  • International Students Health Hub - Information and resources for international students around sexual health, contraceptives, the health care system and more
  • Play Safe Pro - Resource for people working with young people (includes tools, games, activities and fact sheets)
  • Play Safe - Resources and information for young people (includes blogs, a forum, an anonymous question portal to ask a sexual health nurse questions and sexual health advice)
Family & Domestic Violence | NSW
Family & Domestic Violence | Interstate
For Victoria, Perth, Queensland & Tasmanian Residents
For USA & UK Residents


What people say about their experience

Our client feedback is overwhelmingly positive, with 96% of women reporting increased self-esteem and ability to make decisions.


“It’s been a life saver, literally”

I have completely unloaded onto the counsellor and she wasn’t shocked. I’ve been able to understand what’s happened to my husband and work out what it means for me and the children. It’s been a life saver, literally.


“I’ve felt very alone – until I came here”

The counsellor really understands. No one else seems to ‘get it’ and I’ve felt very alone – until I came here.


“I can really say it all aloud”

He’s my best friend and a wonderful father. He wants to stay for now as long as he can explore his feelings for men. I’m finding all that really hard. The counsellor’s been the only person I can really say it all aloud to…

Over the shoulder shot of a counsellor.  Sourced from Pexels

We provide support
to over 250 women partners every year

Women Partners purpose is to help women navigate the unexpected myriad of emotions which often present having discovered their relationship was not what they thought. Helping to support the sexual health and healing journey for women and their families, Women Partners focus is to help empower women to travel their own path forward however that may look.

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Free of charge

Our services are fully-funded by NSW Health to provide support free of charge.

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You are in safe & experienced hands. Our registered counsellors take a holistic, trauma informed, strengths-based approach to support women.

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We maintain a strict policy of confidentiality across all our services.