June 15, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions by Women

These questions are very common for women whose male partners are having sex with men

Frequently Asked Questions by Women

1/ How do I know if I have an STI? 

Many STIs are symptom free, so it is always best to get tested. Please refer to our Resources page for Sexual Health Clinic details where STI testing is free even without Medicare.

2/ I can't ask my family GP for an STI test, where is it safe to go? 

Sexual Health Clinics are safe & discreet places to get tested for STIs.

3/ I found the medication or script for PrEP, what do I do? 

Finding medication can be confusing & upsetting, it is best you arrange an STI test for yourself to ensure your sexual health. We also recommend you speak to a health professional - https://www.shil.nsw.gov.au

4/ I feel so isolated, are there other women in my situation? 

Yes, there are many women whose male partner is having sex with men, it is not uncommon.

5/ Should I tell the children? 

It depends on the age of the children & the circumstances. If you decide to separate & your children are still young & living with you, it is best to tell the children together & tell them they are loved, however mum & dad are no longer together as a couple. A conversation with a therapist may help assist you with the process.

6/ Is he actually gay? 

Some men do eventually identify as gay, some men identify has bisexual & some men identify as heterosexual but attracted to the same sex. It is dependent on the individual & not one identity suits all.

7/ Is there something wrong with me? Did I cause this? 

No, there is nothing wrong with you as a woman. You are not responsible for another person's behaviour, actions or how they identify.

9/ Do couples stay together?

Every couple has their own individual journey. Some stay together as a couple, some explore open relationships & some decide its best to separate.


What people say about their experience

Our client feedback is overwhelmingly positive, with 96% of women reporting increased self-esteem and ability to make decisions.


“It’s been a life saver, literally”

I have completely unloaded onto the counsellor and she wasn’t shocked. I’ve been able to understand what’s happened to my husband and work out what it means for me and the children. It’s been a life saver, literally.


“I’ve felt very alone – until I came here”

The counsellor really understands. No one else seems to ‘get it’ and I’ve felt very alone – until I came here.


“I can really say it all aloud”

He’s my best friend and a wonderful father. He wants to stay for now as long as he can explore his feelings for men. I’m finding all that really hard. The counsellor’s been the only person I can really say it all aloud to…

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